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Alpaca fiber - A whole new animal!

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Scarves & More Alpaca Scarves - Part 1

Price: $45.00

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Product Description

These are very nice . . . feel soft and will look great with a blazer / sweater or keep the cold from entering, under your favorite coat.

Let's start on the left
- Black/Grey Herring Bone is 13/inches wide and a total length of 78/inches (including 3/inches of fringe on each end) = 72/inches of felted scarf
- SOLD - Red (predominant color), Black & Grey Stripe is 13/inches wide and a total length of 72/inches (includes 2.5/inche of fringe on each end) = 67/inches of felted scarf
- Black (midnight color, definate classic!), is 12.5/inches wide and has a total length of 73/inches (includes 3/inche of fringe on each end) = 67/inches of felted scarf

Personally (this is Margery), I prefer a good scarf, because I can use it in a number of ways. If I find myself ill-equipped (without a hat), and need that extra warmth walking from inside to my car or the barn, I'll place it on my head crossing the ends under my coat. That extra warmth helps when I find myself unprepared for winter's cold.